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Proposal to Investors in Stanley Gibbons (Guernsey) Investment Portfolios

Your Situation

You—and thousands of fellow investors in the portfolios sold by Stanley Gibbons Guernsey, Ltd. (“SGG”)— probably decided to diversify your portfolio by investing in rare stamps and coins, no doubt having been convinced by the promise of almost certain returns backed by a buoyant collector’s market. Unfortunately, the success of SGG in selling such portfolios resulted in them being the main acquirer of such “investment- grade” items over the past decade, far out-stripping demand from the core base of true collectors. This has led to Stanley Gibbons own catalogue prices becoming disjointed from the real market value; the clear evidence of this is that instead of simply selling the investors stamps and coins back into the market, Stanley Gibbons preferred to put its investment subsidiary into administration as clients sought to redeem guarantees that were already based on a signifcant discount to their catalogue prices.

Our advice to investors

With the demise of SGG and in the absence of other stamp “investors”, there is a certainty that if the owners of SGG portfolios decide to sell their stamps on the open market in an uncontrolled manner, that prices will drop significantly from current levels that are already under pressure. Our advice to investors is therefore not to sell their stamps yet. However, with the...

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