Our Advantage

While you may well receive other offers of tax-free storage, David Feldman SA’s proven experience in selling stamps and obtaining the best prices for our clients will not be matched; former SGG clients will also benefit from significant discounts in standard sales commissions.

Geneva is also very accessible for clients wishing to see their stamps (and coins) and obtain direct advice from our experts. As an auction company operating from Switzerland we have no EU reporting requirements or payment restrictions and are free to remit funds to vendors according to their wishes.

An initial analysis of stamp portfolios of clients suggests that they contain two types of material – high quality rarities that our company has built its reputation on selling to its worldwide clientele, but also more regular stamps sold as investment products where current demand from collectors is limited. While our knowledge of the current market will assist in identifying optimum sales opportunities for rare items, we believe that there is a possibility of growing a market for the “investment” stamps beyond the traditional stamp collector, but this will take time to establish and requires a different route to the one chosen by Stanley Gibbons. Many modern-day investors prefer to evaluate their own investments using available market analysis and price data – information that has been sorely lacking in the stamp market where knowledge has been closely held and often used to the disadvantage of new entrants. To become attractive to non-experts, the so-called investment grade stamps need to be converted into tangible investment products.

Our experience in the collectible coin market has shown that coins that have been graded by independent grading companies like NGC are far more attractive to a new breed of investor-collector who values the increased confidence and transparency that grading brings; this has created a premium of 20-30% for graded coins over ungraded coins of the same quality. The parent company of NGC, who also performs grading of collectible bank notes, baseball card, and even comic books, has recently announced that it intends to start grading Chinese and American stamps. We will be encouraging them to also begin grading the Great Britain and Empire stamps that are typically found in the Stanley Gibbons portfolios; additionally, we will be proposing that investors with coins in their portfolios also have these coins graded.

Representation of a graded stamp

Our offer therefore encompasses far more than secure storage, advice and a potential exit strategy, but the promise of active promotion of much of the material in the portfolios in a manner not yet seen in the stamp market.

Next Steps

Should you wish to take advantage of our offer, please simply inform the administrators via the form they have provided. We will work closely with PwC to obtain the contact details of those investors who wish to work with us and will then get in direct contact with you in order to exchange new custody agreements. If you have other questions, or wish to know more about our offer, please contact us.