Our Offer

1. Storage of your portfolio

We propose that the investment portfolios of SGG clients, be moved from Guernsey to Geneva, at no cost or risk to the investors.

As a registered frequent importer and exporter of auction material, David Feldman SA benefits from a special tax status in Switzerland, which allows it to receive the portfolios without any VAT charge to the investors.

Working with Lloyds of London for insurance, and renowned Swiss banks for storage, our company proposes to hold the portfolios of SGG clients in strong rooms in the private banking capital of the world.

An estimated annual management fee of between 0.25% and 0.50% (dependent upon the value of the portfolio, and success of our offer), to cover the cost of storage and insurance, would accrue to the investors accounts and be assessed upon eventual sale of the portfolio or parts thereof.

2. Development of an exit or investment strategy

With the portfolios being housed in the same city as our stamp (and coin) specialists, our team will be able to easily access and assess the portfolios, providing previously-lacking independent valuations and advice to investors. Our experts will work with you to develop a revised strategy with the following options:

a. Proposal of an exit strategy to sell all or part of your holdings via our international public auctions, targeted private treaty sales to our clients, or via direct purchase offers.

b. Identifying opportunities to grow or refocus your investment via the purchase of further items, but at transparent prices.

Our advantage

While you may well receive other offers of tax-free storage, David Feldman SA’s proven experience in selling stamps and obtaining the best prices for our clients will not be matched; former SGG clients will also benefit from significant discounts in standard sales commissions.

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